Model Career Coaching

Become a Model now! No experience necessary. RAW Talent is your first step to a potentially very successful career. We train and advise you on the model industry and give you practical advice helping you avoid the pitfalls associated with inexperience in the industry.

The objective of our courses is to educate aspiring models of all ages about the fashion and beauty model industry which is focussed on helping you avoid the sharks in the industry who may take advantage of your inexperience. We guide and instruct our students on the best path to success based on their strengths. Our courses are developed & instructed by industry experts, who know what it takes to be successful in the modelling industry, and who aim to expose the confidence in you that makes you a beautiful bright star. Students will participate in training and receive insider tips & advice. We offer comprehensive training and knowledge necessary to give you a competitive edge. Our students learn fashion industry best practices, taught by qualified professionals and other fashion insiders and experts. We offer young people the opportunity to learn the secrets of self-empowerment. The course includes confidence building, photographic work (portfolio building), model etiquette, deportment, grooming, make-up, skin care, hair, nutrition, fashion, wardrobe planning , personal style development, casting practice and runway technique. The course is designed to equip you with the tools for success. A graduation ceremony takes place where students take part in a professionally choreographed fashion show and receive a RAW stamp of approval certificate along with their best, industry standard approved professional headshot.
Congratulations! Now you are ready to get started! Your model career awaits you!

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