Executive Coaching

7 Seconds! That’s all it takes for you to make a first impression. So make it count!
This course is designed to assist individuals in achieving their full potential in the workplace. Whether you are just starting out in your career or a CEO, our courses provide savour-faire to every aspect of business life. We service private clients and B2B. We will help you achieve a competitive edge putting you a cut above the rest! The course is tailored to meet the needs of each client depending on their requirements. We work with you to customise your wardrobe for power dressing in the office. We advise you on Office and Business etiquette, personal branding, grooming, skincare, make-up and body awareness. Our acting coaching and body awareness expert will help you learn the art of voice projection, Presentation skills (how to relax before delivering a speech and techniques to coming across confidently in front of an audience) including body exercises to loosen up your muscles which helps you overcome nervousness. This course also includes valuable skills in effective networking and we host regular networking events where our previous and present clients can network in a social setting allowing you to use your newly developed skills in a practical way. On completion of your course you will receive a RAW certificate which we believe will leave you feeling confident in any social or business setting. Participants on this course are given a 30 minute free session and are offered ongoing discounted personal fitness sessions with an olympic gold medalist personal fitness expert. Clients also get a professional head shot which they can use on social media and for any professional profile they choose.We know the power of personal image and we take pride in offering a holistic approach to your appearance, behaviour and communication.