Corporate Group Coaching

Modern day business environments are becoming more stressful and we are bombarded with images of perfection. The psychological effects of being forced to work longer hours for less pay. The pressure associated with the question, how can I stand out in the crowd? How can we build strong teams of people who enjoy what they do and therefore create a better, more productive work life environment. The pressure of image through social media and everyone looking for short cuts to success means the climb up the corporate ladder is brutal! But not if you have the tools for success. Our passion is to ensure you are equipped and ready to take on the world! Work life balance have become the buzz words for this generation. This course is designed to take place in a group setting. Learn how you present yourself to your colleagues and how to improve on the various aspects of what we teach. This includes, grooming, wardrobe basics, accessories that spell success, health and wellness, the importance of colour and the key components of a winning image. Confidence is paramount to becoming a success. Creating a positive environment for your employees to flourish makes for a more productive work force. Feel good, be happy, work hard. This course covers presenting you at your personal best, dress for success, grooming, office etiquette, dressing for your corporate culture, effective networking techniques. This course includes a complimentary half hour session with an olympic gold medalist fitness expert. If you are interested in a group session please contact us for our corporate discounted rates, however individual sessions are also available. Participants are invited to networking events which will give you the opportunity to showcase your new confidence. You will learn how to create a powerful verbal business card.