Introducing RAW Talent UK –

RAW Talent is a Premium Beauty, Fashion and Etiquette Boutique. We provide coaching for both male and female clients of various age groups inspiring “The Art of Social Grace”.

We have created an innovative coaching methodology in three primary areas. Our methods have been developed through years of social and professional experience and studious observance of socio-professional environments.

RAW talent was Founded by Roberta A. Whitney , an entrepreneur and model who has associated with celebrity and high society around the world. An experienced model, Roberta has appeared in many internationally acclaimed publications and has a wealth of experience in fashion, beauty and social etiquette.

It’s through her experiences that she has developed a unique method for teaching her clients invaluable skills through RAW Talent.


Model Career Coaching

Become a Model now! No experience necessary. RAW Talent is your first step to a potentially very successful career. We train and advise you on the model industry and give you practical advice helping you avoid the pitfalls associated with inexperience in the industry.

The objective of our courses is to educate aspiring models of all ages about the fashion and beauty model industry which is focussed on helping you avoid the sharks in the industry who may take advantage of your inexperience. We guide and instruct our students on the best path to success based on their strengths. Our courses are developed & instructed by industry experts, who know what it takes to be successful in the modelling industry, and who aim to expose the confidence in you that makes you a beautiful bright star. Students will participate in training and receive insider tips & advice. We offer comprehensive training and knowledge necessary to give you a competitive edge. Our students learn fashion industry best practices, taught by qualified professionals and other fashion insiders and experts. We offer young people the opportunity to learn the secrets of self-empowerment. The course includes confidence building, photographic work (portfolio building), model etiquette, deportment, grooming, make-up, skin care, hair, nutrition, fashion, wardrobe planning , personal style development, casting practice and runway technique. The course is designed to equip you with the tools for success. A graduation ceremony takes place where students take part in a professionally choreographed fashion show and receive a RAW stamp of approval certificate along with their best, industry standard approved professional headshot.
Congratulations! Now you are ready to get started! Your model career awaits you!

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Executive Coaching

7 Seconds! That’s all it takes for you to make a first impression. So make it count!
This course is designed to assist individuals in achieving their full potential in the workplace. Whether you are just starting out in your career or a CEO, our courses provide savour-faire to every aspect of business life. We service private clients and B2B. We will help you achieve a competitive edge putting you a cut above the rest! The course is tailored to meet the needs of each client depending on their requirements. We work with you to customise your wardrobe for power dressing in the office. We advise you on Office and Business etiquette, personal branding, grooming, skincare, make-up and body awareness. Our acting coaching and body awareness expert will help you learn the art of voice projection, Presentation skills (how to relax before delivering a speech and techniques to coming across confidently in front of an audience) including body exercises to loosen up your muscles which helps you overcome nervousness. This course also includes valuable skills in effective networking and we host regular networking events where our previous and present clients can network in a social setting allowing you to use your newly developed skills in a practical way. On completion of your course you will receive a RAW certificate which we believe will leave you feeling confident in any social or business setting. Participants on this course are given a 30 minute free session and are offered ongoing discounted personal fitness sessions with an olympic gold medalist personal fitness expert. Clients also get a professional head shot which they can use on social media and for any professional profile they choose.We know the power of personal image and we take pride in offering a holistic approach to your appearance, behaviour and communication.


Corporate Group Coaching

Modern day business environments are becoming more stressful and we are bombarded with images of perfection. The psychological effects of being forced to work longer hours for less pay. The pressure associated with the question, how can I stand out in the crowd? How can we build strong teams of people who enjoy what they do and therefore create a better, more productive work life environment. The pressure of image through social media and everyone looking for short cuts to success means the climb up the corporate ladder is brutal! But not if you have the tools for success. Our passion is to ensure you are equipped and ready to take on the world! Work life balance have become the buzz words for this generation. This course is designed to take place in a group setting. Learn how you present yourself to your colleagues and how to improve on the various aspects of what we teach. This includes, grooming, wardrobe basics, accessories that spell success, health and wellness, the importance of colour and the key components of a winning image. Confidence is paramount to becoming a success. Creating a positive environment for your employees to flourish makes for a more productive work force. Feel good, be happy, work hard. This course covers presenting you at your personal best, dress for success, grooming, office etiquette, dressing for your corporate culture, effective networking techniques. This course includes a complimentary half hour session with an olympic gold medalist fitness expert. If you are interested in a group session please contact us for our corporate discounted rates, however individual sessions are also available. Participants are invited to networking events which will give you the opportunity to showcase your new confidence. You will learn how to create a powerful verbal business card.

After-School Program

Could your child be a model?

Becoming a model is a dream for many young girls and boys. We are committed to working with parents to ensure each child enters the modelling world safely, and that both parent and child are prepared and ready for the journey. Child, Teen and Tween modelling can be a fun way to spend a day with your child, and if you are successful, a good way to earn a little extra cash. The demand for fresh faces is ever present as the child grows and no longer fits the age bracket for that group. We guide you to ensure you sign with a legitimate agency and avoid the wrong modelling agencies and industry pitfalls. RAW Talent is not an agency, however we have links to agents and casting directors and can recommend our star kids to the right agent. There is a huge range of child modelling work available, from TV advertisements, magazine advertising, children’s clothing catalogues, to even becoming a poster child for a children’s organisation. The money made from child modelling may not be enough to set them up for life, but could be a nice contribution to education or other costs further down the road.
Professional model agencies will require an up-to-date, clear photograph of your child. The course includes a photoshoot with a professional photographer along with guidance and direction during the shoot to ensure the best impression is captured. You will have a clear professional image to take advantage of recommended online child model directories. You may prefer to manage your child’s  modelling career yourself, you’ll need a high quality portfolio. If you decide to get a professional model portfolio with our expert team, we can offer advice and a constructive critique of your child’s performance in front of the camera and advise of the best images to appeal to child model agencies and clients.
Many parents take their children to a photographic studio and spend a lot of money having photographs taken, without understanding how to best present their child in order to secure bookings. Particularly when it comes to teens, some photographers and studios will try to make the child look older than they are – when in fact the opposite should be encouraged. It is always beneficial for children to look their age or younger, never older or “grown up”.  Our passion is your success. We will advise on the best possible way to present your child, to give them the best chance of being selected by agencies or directly with clients. If you wish to create a family album for posterity, then you are welcome to be as creative as you like! But for professional modelling work, keep it simple.
Our mission is to support you on your journey to becoming a model. Creating confident young people who have a positive self image.
A graduation fashion show takes place and a certificate is issued on completion of the course. Discounts on additional photographs are available.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility we offer a limited amount of free places. Please email your details to with a short explanation as to why you feel you should be granted a free place.

Program details

  • Each school will be notified as to the day of the week the class will run.
  • Class takes place at the school after school. 3pm-4pm
  • Classes are 1 hour long , once a week for 8 weeks.
  • Class cost £5 each or £40 for the half-term


Image Coaching Classes

Your style are unique to you. It is the way you choose to represent yourself. It is your personal brand.
The course outline is simple yet thorough. We begin with an in-depth consultation and examine your goals and expectations. You will be given knowledge of fashion trends and how they work with regard to your body shape, personal style preferences and current trends. You will learn some key elements to every wardrobe and discover some tricks of the trade in order to maximise your wardrobe so you always look your absolute best by developing your core wardrobe essentials. Discover the power of colour and how to implement colour in your wardrobe, working with accessories.

Male make-overs. Practical guide to building the perfect wardrobe. Includes grooming, skincare and haircare.