Welcome RAW Talent

RAW Talent is a Premium Beauty, Fashion and Modern Etiquette Boutique. We provide coaching for both male and female clients of various age groups inspiring “The Art of Social Grace”. We have created an innovative coaching methodology in three primary areas. Our methods have been developed through years of social and professional experience and studious observance of socio-professional environments.
RAW talent was Founded by Roberta A. Whitney, an entrepreneur and model who has associated with celebrity and high society around the world. An experienced model, Roberta has appeared in many internationally acclaimed publications and has a wealth of experience in fashion, beauty and social etiquette. It’s through her experiences that she has developed a unique method for teaching her clients valuable skills through RAW talent.

Fashion and Beauty Training
Our fashion and beauty training classes are held over 3 days. They include theory and practical lessons. This module includes skin, hair and nail care and maintenance. Basic make-up application lesson which teaches you how do a “natural” look for castings if your interested in modelling or basic day make-up appropriate for the office. Please note numbers are limited to ensure quality and personal attention.

Executive Image Coaching
Our bespoke coaching is delivered over either 2 or 3 days. An additional day can be booked for a professional photoshoot which would showcase your new look and leave you with some great new photographs for your professional image on any social media platforms or personal websites etc.

Model Career Coaching 
Our model career coaching focuses on improving your chances of succeeding in the modelling industry. Giving you practical advice, tips and training which puts you at an advantage and helps avoid the pit falls of getting scammed.

Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, boasting over 40 years in the industry collectively. We are experienced solutions architects. Our team boast practical experience and inside knowledge of how the beauty and fashion industries work. We defy traditional methods of beauty and etiquette coaching because many of them are out of date. We teach our students modern and practical solutions that we have developed through years of experience.

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