We believe in an inside out approach to beauty and wellness and with the help of fitness experts we focus on your beauty holistically. Discover your skin type and colour match your foundation for a flawless finish. Learn how to maintain blemish free, youthful radiant skin.


We help you discover an image which compliments you. We advise you on ways to make your personal style come to life because we believe everyone has their own unique fashion identity. Learn strategies to always look and feel your best on every occasion.


A career as a model can be very exciting and extremely lucrative if you have what it takes. Learn key skills that give you an advantage on becoming a professional model. This course will give you practical experience in body awareness and learning how to pose or create various facial expressions in front of the camera.


Social etiquette has evolved over the years. We will teach you Modern Social Etiquette which aims to help you upgrade your social success and confidence. We deliver a dynamic program with your objectives in mind, either individually or in a group setting.

The Art of Social Grace

We have developed a coaching consultancy that addresses modern social situations.
revolutionary approach that focuses on the development of a persons character and social skills. It is truly transformational!
Conducting yourself in the proper manner can have a big impact on your life.
We help unlock your inner beauty so you can make a great first impression, each and every time.

Our Method

RAW Talent has created an innovative method to teach what we have learnt over several years. With celebrity friends from around the world, and attending top social events, it is this rare combination of talents and relationships which we bring into our method. Our coaching and training methods have been developed from over 20 years international industry experience working with top fashion designers and beauticians, appearing on international platforms including:

                • ELLE
                • Cosmopolitan
                • Various Television Appearances
                • International Fashion Shows
                • Attending Leading Industry Events

About Us

RAW Talent is a Premium Beauty, Fashion and Etiquette Boutique. We provide coaching for both male and female clients of various age groups inspiring “The Art of Social Grace”.

We have created an innovative coaching methodology in three primary areas. Our methods have been developed through years of social and professional experience and studious observance of socio-professional environments.

RAW talent was Founded by Roberta A. Whitney , an entrepreneur and model who has associated with celebrity and high society around the world. An experienced model, Roberta has appeared in many internationally acclaimed publications and has a wealth of experience in fashion, beauty and social etiquette.

It’s through her experiences that she has developed a unique method for teaching her clients invaluable skills through RAW talent.

  • Fashion and Beauty Training

    Our fashion and beauty training classes are held over 3 days. They include theory and practical lessons. This module includes skin, hair and nail care and maintenance. Expert guidance on basic make-up application which teaches you how to create a “natural” look for castings, if you’re interested in modelling, or basic day make-up appropriate for the office. Please note, numbers are limited to ensure quality and personal attention.

  • Executive Image Coaching

    Our bespoke coaching is delivered over either 2 or 3 days. An additional day can be booked for a professional photoshoot which would showcase your new look and leave you with some great new photographs for your professional image on any social media platforms or personal websites etc.

  • Model Career Coaching

    Our model career coaching focuses on improving your chances of succeeding in the modelling industry. Giving you practical advice, tips and training which puts you at an advantage and helps avoid the pitfalls of getting scammed.

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Decide what training course you are interested in. Be very clear about what your objectives are, determine what you would like to achieve through this training course, and let us guide you to success. We will tailor our courses to help you fulfil your goals.
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Friends of RAW Talent


“When I met Roberta she had a unique radiance about herself on the inside and out. Her beauty and energy intrigued me and I was eager to work with her so that I could spread her secret to other women around the world.”

LudacrisActor and Rapper
Nelly Furtado

“Roberta is that rare, esteemed woman who embodies style, beauty and compassion in an effortless way.
We have known each other for fifteen years, and she has always been an inspiration; that woman and friend that you can trust to be a girl’s girl and give you honest fashion advice, glamour guidance, and feminine pearls of wisdom. Roberta has even styled me for a music video at a moment’s notice- literally lending me her jewels- graciously- as that is who she is.”

Nelly FurtadoSinger - Songwriter